selected essays on the work of Robert Priseman

贾慧明: 肖像的绵延 (2018)

Jessica Litherland: Never Knowing Why (2016)

Dr Ewen Speed: On Freaks and Freakery (2015)

Fr. Martin Boland: Robert Priseman’s Fame (2013)

Dr Michael Bailey: Fame is Ordinary (2013)

Dr. Matthew Bowman: Witnessing and Trauma in Robert Priseman’s ‘SUMAC’ (2013)

Professor Peter Vergo: On Robert Priseman and the Possibility of Painting (2009)

Ann Marie Boyle: Turning the Key (2007)

Professor Margaret Iversen: The Aesthetics of De-Personalization (2007)

Dr. Ben Cranfield: Looking Back Without Anger (2006)

Selected interviews

Interview on the series ‘Never Knowing Why’ with John-Paul Pryor (2016)

Interview on the series ‘Never Knowing Why’ with curator Jessica Litherland (2016)

Aesthetica interview with Robert Priseman (2014)

Austin Macfadden interview for a-n on ‘FAME’ (2014)

Dr. Barbara Howey interviews Robert Priseman (2012).

Dazed Digital Interview on ‘SUMAC’ (2011).

Interview with Dazed Digital on the ‘Nazi Gas Chambers’ (2009)

Michael Peppiatt in Conversation with Robert Priseman (2008)

Professor Margaret Iversen interviews Robert Priseman (2007)

‘A Gallery of Ghosts’ An Interview by John Finlay (2006)

Selected reviews

ArtRabbit (2016)

Guardian Guide (2016)

A-N (2016)

Bedford+Bowrey (2014)

Art Of England (2011)

The Press ( March 2010)

The Yorkshire Post (September 2009)

Parq Magazine (2009)

Umbigo (2008)

Dazed and Confused (June 2008)

The Tablet (August 2007)

Guardian Guide (April 2007)

Selected essays on art by Robert Priseman

Beyond Autonomy (2018)
Written to accompany the exhibition of the same name.

Beauty and Suffering, Traditional Themes in Western Painting (2017)
Written as a talk for China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, 4th January. Published in the accompanying book ‘Being So’, China Academy of Art Press, 2017, pp181-197, 2017

Normal (2015)
Published in Garagland, Vol 19

From Holbein to Hockney: A Brief History of British Painting (2015)
Written as a talk for Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, 3rd December.

21st Century British Painting (2015)
Written as the Key Note talk for the UCS Symposium ‘The Immediacy of Paint: The Role of Painting in the Digital Age’.

Nathan Eastwood: A Quiet Revolution (2015)
Written for the Priseman Seabrook Collection.

Documentary Realism: Painting in the Digital Age (2015)
Exhibition essay for the show ‘Documentary Realism: Painting in the Digital Age’

Julian Brown: A Sense of Wonder (2015)
Written for the exhibition ’17 Painters’.

Amanda Ansell: Transference (2015)
Written for the Priseman-Seabrook Collection.

Andrew Muñoz: Duality and Meaning (2014)
Written for the Priseman-Seabrook Collection.

Alex Hanna: The Alchemy of Painting (2014)
Written for the pleasure of gaining a better understanding of Alex Hanna’s painting.

A New Individualism: Post War British Painting (2014)
Written for the Russian Art Journal Iskusstvo

Painting the Holocaust: Can there be Art after Auschwitz? (2014)
Published in ‘The Holocaust in History and Memory’ Vol:6 The Arts and the Holocaust.

Susan Gunn: The Beauty of Imperfection (2013)
Published as an exhibition essay.

Sustained Reality: From Francis Bacon to Paula Rego (2012)
Published as the catalogue essay for the exhibition ‘From Francis Bacon to Paula Rego’.

Simon Carter: Paint and Perception (2010)
Published by the University of Essex to accompany the exhibition ‘Simon Carter: Promenade’.