image of painting Corridor image of painting Critical Care image of painting Life Supported image of painting Mortuary image of painting Operating Theatre image of painting Body Storage

This series was produced between 2004-2006. Key influences are Edward Hopper’s alienating worlds of urban isolation and Magritte’s painting of 1954 ‘The Empire of Lights’ where life is seen to be in a delicate state of flux and transition. This is echoed in the ‘Hospital’ series where medical environments view the human body without hierarchy or function, but existing between two states of being.

Buy the Hospital book which accompanies the project here or download a pdf here.

These works are held by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Musée de Louvain-la-Neuve, East Contemporary Art Collection, Dittrick Museum and Wellcome Collection.

Read a review in the Guardian Guide here, and essays by Professor Margaret Iversen here and Dr. Ben Cranfield here.