An extraordinary series of new work… ArtRabbit

FAME both literalizes and deconstructs the notion that celebrity has replaced religion, drawing parallels between the immediacy of tabloid culture in the internet age… Rhizome

Beautiful new works… Daybees

Haunting portraits… Eventbrite, New York
Opened at Art Exchange then WBX AC, New York 71 of the originals are held in the permanent collection of The University of Arizona Museum of Art.

The balance of the project is held in the collections of Honolulu Museum of Art, MOMA Wales, Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Wayne State University Art Collection, Michigan, UMMA, Michigan, The Dennos Museum Center, Michigan (15 works) and The Allen Memorial Art Museum, Michigan.
Curated by Tony Guerrero, this project comprises 100 damaged religious icons from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, bought from e-bay and over-painted between 2011 and 2013 with the portrait of a twentieth century celebrity whose life has ended in early death through self-destructive life style or suicide. The process of over-painting seeks to mimic the replacement in contemporary culture of faith with fame and saints with ‘stars’.

Buy the book FAME to explore all 100 paintings, with 100 in depth biographies and two essays. Download a pdf here.
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